Plans and billing

Plans and billing

AeroCloud is a web-based tool that allows users to run CFD simulations to optimise aerodynamic performance of one or more 3d models, without setting up any infrastructure on the user’s side.

To run simulations users have to buy simulation credits first, which will be subtracted each time a simulation is run through the tool.

Simulation Credits

Each user has an AeroCloud wallet by default which contains simulation credits, a virtual currency that can be exchanged for simulations. On signup all users have zero credits, but they can be purchased though a subscription or through credits packs.

To view the number of credits available on a user account, users have to login to AeroCloud first, the number of credits left is shown at the bottom of the left sidebar. The number of credits is also available on the billing page.

AeroCloud offers three types of simulations that differs by their quality. They have different credits cost:

  • Basic simulation - 1 credit
  • Standard simulation - 5 credits
  • Pro simulation - 10 credits

Also, each yaw angle is a different CFD simulation, so the Basic, Standard and Pro costs will be multiplied by the number of yaw angles selected during the simulation configuration by the user. For example, a Standard simulation with 3 yaw angles costs 15 credits.

Subscriptions and credits packs

AeroCloud offers two ways to purchase simulation credits:

  • Subscription
  • Credit packs


With a subscription, users pay a monthly fee (or prepay for a year in advance) to get a certain amount of simulation credits per month at a discounted price. New credits will be added to the user account automatically at the beginning of each subscription month, while unused credits will expire at the end of each subscription month.

For example, if a user subscribes on the 3rd of April to a 10 credits plan, uses 6 credits during the month, on the 3rd of May 4 credits will expire and 10 new credits will be issued, the final balance will be 10 credits in the user wallet.

All AeroCloud subscriptions have the same features but a different amount of credits included per month. Please check the calculator at to view our prices.

If the amount of credits issued during the month on the current plan is not enough for the user needs, extra credits can be purchased at a discounted rate. Those credits will last for the current month and the cost is €42 per credit. Extra credits can be purchased from the billing page and are available only to users with a valid subscription. All other users can get credits by either subscribing to a plan or by purchasing a credits pack.

Plan upgrades and downgrades

Currently it’s not possible to upgrade or downgrade a subscription plan. However the current subscription can be terminated and a new one can be started on a new plan.


When a user decides to cancel its subscription, different scenarios are in place based on the subscription type, whether it is paid monthly or prepaid for a year.

  • When a subscription is paid monthly, cancellation happens at the next billing cycle. For example, if a user activates a subscription on the 3rd of April and want to deactivate the same subscription on the 10th of April, the subscription will be effectively terminated on the 3rd of May. The credits for that subscription will be available until the 3rd of May on the user wallet. On the 3rd of May credits will be removed from the user wallet and no new credit is added.

  • When a subscription is prepaid for a year, termination will cancel immediately the subscription renewal. For example, if a user activates a yearly prepaid subscription on the 3rd of April 2023 and want to cancel the same subscription on the 10th of October 2023, the renewal, which was supposed to happen on the 3rd of April 2024, is immediately cancelled. However, every 3rd of the month until the 3rd of April 2024, user will continue to receive the number of credits provided by the subscription plan on its wallet.

Credits Packs

A Credits pack is a package of simulation credits that a user without a subscription active can purchase. Credits packs are purchased one-off (with no recurring payment) and paid either with bank transfer or credit card.

Credits purchased within a credits pack are valid for one year from the date of the last purchase of a credit pack. After one year they will be removed from the user wallet automatically.

All AeroCloud credits packs have the same features but a different amount of credits included. Please check the calculator at to view our prices.

Free trial

AeroCloud is free to try for a month with two simulation credits included. Those credits allows users to test the tool on their own 3d models by running 2 Basic simulations.

To join the free trial users will have to click on the Join Now button on the top navigation bar and follow the steps. We ask to enter billing details (don’t worry, it’s just to avoid users joining the free trial multiple times as simulations have an infrastructure cost for us). Users won’t be charged for the first month and are free to cancel anytime. If a user doesn’t cancel at the end of the month, the first month Basic Plan subscription with 2 credits included will be billed.