Additional features

Additional features

Models Catalog

If you plan to use a model in several simulations, then it may be worth storing it in your model catalog.

A stored model can consist of one or more individual parts and can be imported directly into the model preview when you create a new simulation.

This saves time re-uploading, scaling & orienting the model every time you wish to use it.

The model catalog is accessible via the sidebar menu at all times.

Organizing your simulations

As previously mentioned, simulations are organised into projects & there are several additional project features that may be useful.

Updating project details

The name, description & status of your project can be amended at any time - simply click the edit icon of the relevant project (shown below) & make your updates.

Updating a project

Moving simulations between projects

A simulation may only belong to a single project, but you can move a simulation to another project via the “…” menu on the simulation results page.

Move simulations between projects

Closing Projects

By default the project page shows your active projects.

If your project list is long & contains things that you’re not actively working on, then those projects can be closed.

Closed projects remain accessible (via the All & Closed lists) but you cannot add new simulations to them.

Closed projects can be reactivated at any time.

Closing projects