Exploring Results Panel

Exploring Results Panel

Once complete, we make your simulation results available in several different – via an interactive results page & as raw VTK data (for local/custom post-processing).

Here is a summary of each of the main ways you can explore your results.

Interactive viewer

Each simulation has its own interactive viewer where you can explore and analyse its results in detail.

This panel loads an interactive 3D model which can zoomed to get the perfect view of your model surfaces. It is locked in orthographic view. The 3D view is part of the assesment view.

Models are loaded on request (to speed up page load) click to activate this panel.

By default your model will be coloured by the pedestrian wind comfort. Click on the controls panel & use the field dropdown menu to make your selection.

If your model contains multiple parts (building, terrain, surroundings) then you can optionally hide the texture on individual parts from view. Hover your mouse over the eye next to the geometry you want to have blank.

The 3D view panel can also be expanded to fullscreen using the buttons on the bottom right-hand side of an active panel (excellent for detailed screenshots).

Click the “?” for a short tour of the 3D view.

Raw Data

The raw CFD data can be downloaded to your local machine where you can perform your own custom post-processing, analysis and visualization.

The data is provided in VTK format, which can be read using the free, open-source visualisation tool, ParaView (& many other tools).

Access the raw data download link via the dropdown menu at the top of your simulation results page.

The raw data files are large (5GB+ for highrise simulations) & are therefore only available for a limited time (60 days) after the simulation is finished.