Average Wind Power Density

Average Wind Power Density

The averageWindPowerDensity field represents the average wind power density (in W/m²) at each cell within a computational mesh for a given period (annually, seasonally, or monthly). This field is derived from wind simulations and wind statistics for the area, providing a comprehensive understanding of the wind power potential across different parts of the computational domain.

How is it computed?

  1. Wind Directions:

    • The simulation gathers results from 16 subsimulations, one for each wind direction. We simulate 16 wind directions to get a 360-degree understanding of the wind conditions at your site. These directions are evenly distributed across 360 degrees.
  2. Wind Frequencies:

    • Wind frequencies indicate how often the wind blows from each direction and at which speed it blows. We gather data points in speed classes: 0.0 - 4.0, 4.0 - 6.0, 6.0 - 8.0, 8.0 - 10.0, and 10.0+.
    • These frequencies are crucial for weighting the local wind speeds appropriately.

    alt text

  3. Weighted Local Wind Power Density Calculation:

    • The local wind speed is weighted and scaled by the frequency of the wind direction and a scaling factor based on wind speed classes.

    $$ \text{Wind Power Density} = 0.5 \times \rho \times \left( \text{local wind speed} \times \text{Scale factor} \right)^3 \times \text{frequency} $$

  4. Aggregation of Average Wind Power Density:

    • The weighted local wind power densities are accumulated and averaged across all directions to form the averageWindPowerDensity field.

Importance of the Average Wind Power Density

The field provides valuable insights into the wind power potential over a specified period (annually, seasonally, or monthly). You can get a quantitative understanding of the wind power density you will deal with on your site during the period of interest. This field is beneficial for:

  • Wind Farm Prospecting and Planning: Helps in identifying the best locations for wind turbines by understanding the wind power potential.

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