Simulation Expiration

Simulation Expiration

CFD generates A LOT of data, which in turn requires an ever-growing storage pool.

A single Pro simulation, with 3 yaw angles, would need upwards of 100GB to store it indefinitely.

To keep things manageable we have a simulation expiry policy in place which gradually removes some of the larger files over time. Much of that happens behind-the-scenes, but it does also affect the availability of some of your simulation assets.

For example:

  • After 60 days the VTK files (surfaces, volume & slices) expire & are removed;
  • After 1 year the full simulation expires.

After expiry, only a subset of your simulation results remain accessible.

On the simulation results page, the basic forces, header image & a record of the simulation setup will remain. As will the ability to download the results spreadsheet.

However, the 3D model viewer, the force charts, the slice viewer & parts breakdown (sections 2-5 in this image) are no longer available for expired simulations.

Expired simulations continue to feature in the completed runs section of their project, albeit with a tag indicating their expired status.

If you have any queries about this policy & how it might impact your simulations, please contact us by email.